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Noise and vibration plays a crucial role in a customer’s experience with a consumer product.  Our clients often want to improve the sound quality of speakers, frequency response of microphones or remove unwanted noise and vibration hand-held electrical equipment.  However, consumer products are often very complex dynamic devices which require an understanding of the interplay between vibration, acoustics, electromagnetic and fluid dynamics.  Xi provide expert advice, measurement and modelling that can help you design out flaws, improve performance and optimise the design of your produce. 

Xi engineers provide:

Vibration measurement.  Often for small devices non-contact measurement is preferable; Xi can use laser-vibrometry to scan your device.

  • Acoustic measurement
  • Signal processing and data analysis using statistical methods.
  • Finite element modelling:
    • Structural dynamics
    • Piezoelectric materials
    • Acoustics
    • Fluid flow and interaction with structures
    • Thermal

Xi are COMSOL Certified Consultants and have used the Multiphysics approach to model the complex dynamics of a range of consumer products.


Vibration, stress and thermal acoustic lossess in a head phone speaker