What’s happening in the world of engineering?

Below you’ll find a series of articles that are pertinent to our company and the engineering industry. If you are interested in Xi submitting an article for publication please contact our Managing Director, Dr Mark Paul Buckingham

Engineering Design Show 2018

Xi Engineering are delighted to be taking part in the Engineering Design Show 2018. Come and visit us on the Engineering floor where the team can help accelerate your product development through virtual prototyping.

What the noise of penguin chatter looks like

The team at Xi Engineering recently had the opportunity to put an acoustic camera into action at Edinburgh Zoo. Using the Norsonic Nor 848A model, the camera was assembled at the Zoo’s penguin enclosure. A series of images were obtained, providing what we think you will agree is a fascinating insight into the sounds penguins make when communicating with one another and also their zookeeper!

Improve Wind Turbine Noise Through Best Practice Method

Wind turbines in the correct location are an amazing producer of renewable energy which helps us deliver the necessary electrons that modern life requires. However, on occasion a turbine's situation and characteristics can lead to noise complaints. This is where Xi can help. The team of engineers enjoy finding solutions which allow the generation of renewable energy with minimal impact. Xi have produced an info-graphic which can be used as a tool in making the navigation of these issues clearer.

All Energy 2018

Xi Engineering are pleased to be taking part at this year’s All Energy Conference as part of the InnovateUK stand. We will be show casing how our simulation modelling can accelerate and improve innovation in relation to improving acoustic performance. Come and find us on InnovateUK's stand C20.

Xi Engineering Presenting at Edinburgh COMSOL Day 8th March

Xi and Warwick Audio Technologies will be presenting on the day and showcasing the new, award-wining, Sonoma One headphones. Mike Grant CEO of Warwick Audio and Mark-Paul Buckingham of Xi will be bringing along a pair of the revolutionary, hi-res headphones to let you hear the sound reproduction quality first hand. The cutting edge Electrostatic speaker technology was developed by Warwick audio technologies with support from Xi Engineering. Xi applied modelling expertise using COMSOL Multiphysics to both accelerate the development and to optimise the design of the headphones.

Sonoma Model One Headphones Now Available to Purchase

The Sonoma Model One is the world’s first high-end headphone to utilise the High Precision Electrostatic Laminate transducer developed by Warwick Audio Technologies in the UK. Xi would like to congratulate the team at Warwick Audio for creating a product which the industry has rated so highly. Our continuous work with Warwick to push the boundaries of audio technology and accelerate the technical development is both a pleasure and a challenge which we embrace.

Xi to Present Peer Reviewed Paper on Tonal Noise Mitigation from Wind Turbines

Xi are pleased to announce that Dr Jutta Stauber of Xi Engineering Consultants (Xi) will be presenting her peer reviewed paper at the ICSV24 conference in London this month. Jutta's paper, Tonal Noise Mitigation on Wind Turbines, comments on the effectiveness of different damping solutions for reducing tonal acoustic emissions from wind turbines. The paper is based off of acoustic and vibration data collected by Xi before and after the installation of damping materials on wind turbines.

Xi Presenting at Acoustics'17 in Boston

Dr Brett Marmo, Xi Engineering's Technical Director, was invited to present his paper on underwater acoustics at the international acoustic event held in Boston this year. Acoustics'17 Boston was hosted by the Acoustical Society of America from the 25th to the 29th of June and is the 173rd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America.

Xi Featured on Front Cover of COMSOL News 17

The article has come as a result of Xi Engineering's contributions to the product development and design optimisation of new High-Precision Electrostatic Laminate Transducers used to produce the Sonoma Model One headphone. You can read the full article in the COMSOL News 2017 here.

Xi's Latest Sound Mitigation Technology at Wind Turbine Noise 2017

Xi are looking forward to attending and presenting our latest work and research in noise reduction at the biennial international conference on Wind Turbine Noise in Rotterdam this week.