Our Senior Team

The Xi team are vibration and acoustic scientists and engineers operating at the top of their game. With powerful academic credentials and an enviable track record we are exactly the sort of people you would want augmenting your own engineering team.

Dr Brett Marmo

Originally from Australia, Brett was an ARC research fellow at The University of Sydney where he developed a novel graphic recognition and data processing system for analysing element maps.  Following this Brett moved to Edinburgh and The University of Edinburgh to pursue a post doctorate in the dynamics of friction on ice surfaces focusing on winter sports in collaboration with Scottish Institute of Sport, UK Sport and the British Olympic curling team.

Brett joined the Xi team in 2006 where, as a vibration consultant, he’s developed solutions across a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors including, renewable energy, medical, civil engineering, super-conductors, transport and residential properties. His experience using both conventional and novel isolation and damping techniques allows the design of the most cost-effective solution.


Finite element analysis, design, vibration data acquisition, signal processing and data analysis.

Donald Black

Donald joined the engineering team at Xi in 2004 whilst still an undergraduate at Edinburgh University where he qualified in 2005 with a 1st class honours degree in Mechanical Engineering.

As a consultant specialist in noise and vibration Donald has provided solutions for a wide range industries and sectors including, renewable energy, marine, semi-conductor, automotive, oil &  gas, construction and civil engineering.  Working closely with an equally wide range of clients from small local companies to large internationals he provides the most efficient and effective solutions.

In Donald’s role as a design engineer he has have worked on both large scale and small scale designs.  From developing large support structures for wind turbines and Tuned Mass Dampers to smaller scale plastic and product design.  In this role working as lead mechanical engineer, Donald created the Industry leading HAVmeter, a device for monitoring personal Hand Arm Vibration exposure for workers the construction industry.


Vibration measurement and acquisition, data analysis and signal processing, CAD, design, plastic design, finite element analysis.