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Diagnosing and characterising the root of a noise or vibration is a vital knowledge path to an ultimate solution.  Using that knowledge to provide a solution is our ultimate goal. From offering a range of mitigation options weighted against cost and effectiveness to providing a full turn-key solution, Xi can offer as much assistance as is required to arrive at the most effective solutions. 

Many people know the general means and tools available to tackle vibrations, using springs, elastomers, dampers, rubber, adding mass, and stiffening components, etc. However, the challenge is knowing how to specify and apply these means effectively, for example by selecting the correct stiffness of isolator, how much and where to add the mass or stiffness and what ‘knock on’ or collateral effects these measures may have.  Xi can help by modelling the proposed solution and offering practical advice and support through implementation.  At the conclusion of a project,  Xi can provide ‘problem solved’ verification measurement . 

From small scale hand-held electronics to large scale structural steel elements Xi's design team have experience in developing designs from one off prototypes to full manufacture at all scales.

At a design support level Xi can verify existing designs and specifications to confirm a design’s suitability and offer recommendations where enhancements could be made.

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