Measurement & Analysis


Working across the UK, Europe and the world, Xi have worked with our clients in many different environments diagnosing, advising, and solving issues surrounding vibration  and noise.  


In order to quickly and efficiently resolve an issue or concern surrounding a  noise or vibration problem, it is first vital to learn the nature of the noise and vibration dynamics. Utilising accelerometers, microphones, and geophones the Xi team are competent and experienced in measuring and evaluating noise and vibration from low frequency and seismic ground vibration to high frequency machine noise.  Selecting appropriate equipment from our range of logging devices, We will identify the nature of a problem allowing for a swift and efficient solution to be developed.
Where simulation and modelling takes place, Xi will typically use the real world data  acquired through measurement to calibrate models ensuring the highest possible accuracy in the model outputs.

Specialist Vibration Analysis

Ground & Structural Vibration: Seismic, Building, Construction, Blasting

Laser Vibrometery: Long Range, Hard to reach, High Frequency, Rotational

Rotating Machinery: Orbit plots for Factory Acceptance Tests



Case Studies


Improvements to the health and safety  Wind Turbine



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