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By law employers are required to assess and reduce the exposure of their employees to noise. According to the Control of Noise at Work Regulations (2005) (Noise Regulations (2005) an employer must not expose their employees to a daily or weekly exposure value of 87dB, and peak sound levels of 140 dB (taking into account the effect of hearing protection). However, the Noise Regulations (2005) also sets two exposure action values, a lower and upper value, which if breached, the employer is required by law to provide hearing protection, information and training for the employees and hearing checks.

Xi Engineering Consultants can conduct a Noise at Work Assessment in accordance with the Noise Regulations (2005).  Xi uses two different assessment methods. The first is through a personal noise dosemeter; a microphone worn by the employee which measures the levels that employee is exposed. These values are then used to determine if noise levels have been breached.  The second method quantifies the noise source that workers are exposed to using spot measurements.  These measurements determine the locations of the affecting noise sources and what levels propagate from them.

Where issues arise, Xi go beyond the noise survey to provide support and solutions to ensure your process conforms to noise regulation requirements.  Xi can assist in the creation of action plans detailing how to eliminate and reduce noise exposure.  For example, spot measurements can be used to identify zones where hearing protection must be worn and to determine the most effective hearing protectors by matching the frequencies of the noise source to targeting frequency of the hearing protectors. If necessary, Xi’s acousticians can act as expert witness for Noise at Work assessments. 

Xi's team of Noise Consultants are based in Edinburgh and provide workplace monitoring, noise surveys and assessments across Scotland and the UK.

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Xi Engineering Consultants Noise at Work team is led by Institute of Acoustics member Dr Jutta Stauber. If you have any questions regarding a noise at work assessment or installing noise at work control measure, contact our specialist noise at work engineering team who will be happy to assist. 

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